Crypto Asset Analysis and Forecasting

about project - a platform that is changing the rules of the game in crypto asset analysis through the use of modern technologies.

Analysis and Research


The main task was to create a tool to simplify the analysis of the potential of cryptocurrencies at early stages. The platform should automate data collection and profitability forecasting of new tokens based on a set of parameters. An important challenge for us was to create AI-based technology that can find patterns that are not visible to the human eye in large data sets from social networks, which often plays a key role in the analysis of young tokens.


The project was fully implemented by our team based on our own practical experience in the field of crypto investments. We identified the key "pains" of investors and proposed a solution in the form of the automated analytical platform During the research process, we conducted 50+ CustDev sessions with an audience of real investors and analyzed 30+ competitors, both direct and indirect. We selected the key indicators that affect token growth and tested numerous combinations of their analysis, as well as ML models for analyzing the strength and engagement of the project's community.


Technology Stack utilizes a complex stack of technologies for cryptocurrency analysis. This includes REACT JS for user interface development, DATA SCIENCE for data processing, APIs for integration with crypto exchanges, BLOCKCHAIN ANALYTICS for metrics analysis, CLOUD COMPUTING for cloud-based calculations, and possibly GPT-4,Claude 2 AI for textual data analysis. These technologies, combined with AI and machine learning algorithms, provide an effective tool for market analysis and forecasting in the cryptocurrency space.

Functionality consolidates data on prices, trading volumes, community activity, liquidity, and other metrics. This allows for the identification of promising tokens at an early stage.

A unique algorithm called "Gem Hunter" based on machine learning has been implemented for forecasting the profitability of new tokens.An AI-based algorithm has been implemented to analyze community activity and user loyalty on social media.

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to access the necessary metrics and focus on making investment decisions.

Integration with crypto exchanges and blockchain API has been implemented to obtain current data. The platform continually evolves based on user feedback and market trend analysis.



The intuitive design of the application allows for comfortable management of cryptocurrencies, without the need to switch between multiple platforms.


Thanks to a precise understanding of the audience's needs, Alpha Wallet is rapidly gaining popularity as a convenient tool for managing digital assets right within the messenger.