First DEX crypto wallet in Telegram

about project

Alpha Wallet - The first DEX crypto wallet inside Telegram, allowing you to discover emerging trends and manage assets all in one place

Analysis and Research


While researching practices in the crypto community, we discovered that Telegram is a key platform where new trends emerge and promising cryptocurrencies are discussed. It has become evident that integrating a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet with the popular messenger will unlock tremendous opportunities for users in terms of convenience and functionality


After thoroughly studying practices within the crypto community, we have come to the conclusion that a significant portion of new trends originates and gains popularity in Telegram chats. Therefore, a deep integration of a cryptocurrency wallet with Telegram capabilities will provide users with convenient asset management opportunities. It is on this basis that our team has developed Alpha Wallet


Technology Stack

To implement the project, we required cutting-edge technologies for developing native mobile applications, cryptographic security, integration with Telegram API, interactions with various blockchains, and decentralized applications.


We have implemented a wide range of crypto features directly within the interface of a popular messenger. These features include token exchange, tracking investments across different platforms, and detailed analytics of profitability, accounting for commissions. Additionally, we have ensured robust asset protection and integration with leading blockchains and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Key Value and Conclusion


The intuitive design of the application allows for comfortable management of cryptocurrencies, without the need to switch between multiple platforms.


Thanks to a precise understanding of the audience's needs, Alpha Wallet is rapidly gaining popularity as a convenient tool for managing digital assets right within the messenger.